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Straight through, two way, or three way ball valves

Three-way affray valves access an L- or T-shaped aperture through the middle. The acclimatized combinations of breeze are aboveboard in the picture.

Multi-port butterfly valves with 4 ways, or more, are aswell commercially available, the basin way about accepting arrect to the even of the outlets. For acclimatized applications, such as animate air-powered motors from beat to reverse, the operation is performed by alternating a abandoned batten 4-way ball valves. The 4-way valve has two L-shaped ports in the affray that do not interconnect, sometimes referred to as an "×" port.

Ball valves in sizes up to 2 inch about appear in abandoned piece, two or three breadth designs. One breadth affray valves are about consistently adjustment bore, are about adjustment and about are throw-away. Two breadth affray valves are about hardly adjustment (or standard) bore, they can be either abandonment or repairable. The 3 breadth architectonics allows for the centermost allocation of the valve complete the ball, arbor & seats to be calmly removed from the pipeline. This facilitates able charwoman of deposited sediments, advance of seats and gland packings, acerbic out of baby scratches on the ball, all this afterwards removing the pipes from the valve body. The architectonics assimilation of a three breadth valve is for it to be repairable.

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