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Confectionery Industry News, Technology and Equipments


The confectionery industry never stops its rapid development even in rough economic times. Take chocolate for example, made of cocoa-once considered a food of gods in Aztec and Mayan cultures-, it gives people an affordable indulgence along with changing forms, flavors and multiple benefits to the health which has retained its popularity. Both the mouthfeel and flavor sensation are attracting consumers to take more and more this snack. According to professional data, total industry revenue increased by 2.5% percent to more than 15.5 billion dollars (Santa Monica, Calif.-based IBISWorld) in 2012 and this number is expected to grow continuously during the coming 5 years. Nowadays, to let people enjoy the flavor of chocolate, manufacturers are adding the raw material cocoa to different drinks and beverages such as milk, nutritional beverages and alcohol beverages, etc..


The manufacturing of candy involves several steps:

  • Candy Mixing and Cooking
  • Candy Aerating
  • Candy Molding
  • Candy Stamping
  • Candy Drawing
  • Candy Cooling
  • Candy Coating
  • Automatic Decorators
  • Candy Wrapping and Packaging
  • Integrated Candy Manufacturing Solutions
  • Candy Quality Control Equipment

Every step is completed by different technologies and special machines. During the transmission from one step to the next, manufacturers have to apply special equipment including sanitary valves and fittings that serve to control the fluid processing and sanitary pumps that participate in syrup transfer, mixing and pressure changing. The most important criteria that must by complied with during the manufacturing process are sanitation and safety. To ensure this, manufacturers need not only perform every step according to internationally sound standards but also select high quality sanitary equipments, FDA, SMS, ISO/IDF, BS/RJT, and ASME/BPE standards met, for example. You will be able to ensure a quality manufacturing by using sanitary valves/fitting/pumps provided by Adamant Valves.


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