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4'' 3-piece Sanitary Ball Valves AV-2TP AISI-316

4'' 3-piece Sanitary Ball Valves AV-2TP AISI-316


AV-2TP series 3-piece sanitary ball valve combines tube full port construction with a variety of sanitary end connections to deliver outstanding performance in high purity applications. The valve's uniform bore diameter and polished internal surfaces improve flow characteristics and eliminate pooling of potential contaminants.


Materials: AISI-316
Size: 4''
Valve seat: cavity filled Teflon (PTFE)

Design Features

  • Full port design
  • 3-Piece swing-in-place construction
  • Corrosion-resistant 316L SS material (default)
  • With or without mounting pad
  • With or without locking device on handle
  • Polish to custom specifications

Technical Specification

  • Sizes available from DN15-1/2" to DN100-4"
  • Max. working pressure (PTFE): 1000psi (1/2" ~ 1"); 800psi (1 1/2" ~ 2"); 600psi (2 1/2" ~ 4")
  • Temperature range (PTFE): -20 ~ 350°F
  • End connections: sanitary clamp, butt-welded, extended tube ends, or others upon request.
  • Cavity filled seats

Technical Parameters

Steel material

Product wetted parts

AISI 316L / 304 (1.4404 / 1.4306)

Provided with material inspection report

Other steel parts

AISI 304

Seal material



All seal materials comply with FDA 21CFR117.2600


EPDM / VMQ(Silicone)


Working pressure

0 ~ 1000psi

Supply pressure for air actuator

70 ~ 120psi


Working temperature

PTFE: -20 ~ 350°F

Sterilization temperature

302°F (150°C, Max. 20 min)

Surface treatment

Inside surface treatment

Ra 16 ~ 32µin (0.4 ~ 0.8µm)

Outside surface treatment

Ra 32 ~ 64µin (0.8 ~ 1.6µm)


The diameter welding

Welding mouth:
DIN 11850-2 with 11850-1 / SMS / 3A / ISO Series, etc.

Connection ends: sanitary clamp, butt-welded, extended tube ends, or others upon request

AV-2TP of Other Sizes