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1/2'' Sanitary Manual Diaphragm Valves AV-4M AISI-316L

1/2'' Sanitary Manual Diaphragm Valves AV-4M AISI-316L


AV-4M series is a manual type sanitary diaphragm valve, which is widely used in food, beverage, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical industries, etc. It is excellent for flow control as well as for open/close duties.


Materials: AISI-316L
Size: 1/2''
Diaphragm: EPDM + PTFE

The seal materials comply with FDA177.2600 standard. Using proprietary technology, the diaphragm uses a combination of EPDM and PTFE, which is secured using SS bolts. The sealing part where contact with the medium is of PTFE material, it has good cold resistance -13°F (-25°C), excellent heat-resistance 482°F (+250°C), tolerance to most chemicals, and excellent abrasion resistance to medium flow.

Standard Design

  • Standards: DIN, SMS, ISO / IDF, BS / RJT, ASME / BPE.
  • The parts mainly include: a hand wheel, diaphragm and valve body which are assembled together with bolts and nuts. The body can be two ways or three ways.
  • End connections: butt-welded, sanitary clamp, or others upon request
  • Body type: T-type tee, U type tee, Mini type, tank bottom type, etc.

Technical Specification

  • Size available: 1/4", 1/2", 3/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2" 2 1/2", 3"
  • Max. working pressure: 147psi (10bar)
  • Temperature range: 14 ~ 248°F (-10 ~ 120°C), EPDM
  • End connections: butt-welded, sanitary clamp, T-type tee, U type tee, Mini type, tank bottom type etc.
  • Inside polishing: Ra 16-32& micro;in (0.4 ~ 0.8µm)
  • Diaphragm available: EPDM+PTFE / EPDM / Silicon / FPM (Viton)
  • Available for CIP/SIP.

Technical Parameters

Steel material

Product wetted parts

AISI 316L / 304 forged
(1.4404 / 1.4306)

Provided with material inspection report

Other steel parts

AISI 304

Seal material



All seal materials comply with FDA 21CFR117.2600




Working pressure

0 ~ 10bar (0 ~ 145psi)

Control air pressure

5 ~ 8bar (70 ~ 120psi)


Working temperature

EPDM: 14 ~ 248°F (-10 ~ 120°C)
VMQ: -58 ~ 356°F (-50 ~ +180°C)
FPM: -22 ~ 446°F (-30 ~ +230°C)

Sterilization temperature

302°F (150°C, Max. 20 min)

Surface treatment

Inside surface treatment

Ra 16 ~ 32µin (0.4 ~ 0.8µm)

Outside surface treatment

Ra 32 ~ 63µin (0.8 ~ 1.6µm)


The welding diameter

Welding ends:
DIN 11850-2 with 11850-1 / SMS / ISO Series, etc.

End connections: butt-welded, sanitary clamp, T-type, U-type or others upon request.

Pneumatic control

Normally Closed (NC) - Air to open and spring to close;
Normally Open (NO) - Air to close and spring to open;
Air to Air (AA) - Air to open, air to close.

Optimal Installation Angle

Due to the structure feature, 15° ~ 30° is the optimal angle for installation,which makes complete drainage after cleaning and keeps no residue.